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Her Voice Rising you can

do brave things.


We are a community who:

  • Knows that we hold the power of our own destiny.

  • Has big dreams and makes them happen.

  • Shows up. We are not afraid to come to the table and do the work.

  • Has real conversations.

  • Exhibits graceful truths about unworkable assumptions, beliefs, and patterns.

  • Shines a light on each person's real purpose versus societal expectations.

  • Holds ourselves and each other accountable.

  • Picks ourselves and others up when we stumble or fall.

  • Celebrates when we see strength and inspiration.

  • Connects, sustains, challenges and supports one another; recognizing that this is a life-long journey back to ourselves.

We are not a community who:

  • Inflicts silent violence by perpetuating our own or another's pattern or story.

  • Plays small and stays in our comfort zones.

  • Placates victimhood. We don't hide from the truth and put up with facade.

  • Throws others under the bus.

  • Does this work alone.


“Pam and Sherri are fantastic facilitators, combining humor, sensitivity, candor and sincerity. Their backgrounds and skills complement each other well and they both have a true passion for empowering women and helping them develop the skills to succeed.”

Kelly, Authenticity Program Participant

Upcoming Workshops

  • The Authenticity Program
    The Authenticity Program
    Monday evenings 3/22-5/24
    Online Event
    Monday evenings 3/22-5/24
    Online Event
    Monday evenings 3/22-5/24
    Online Event
    ​We're partnering with Ferry Beach Conference and Retreat Center to offer the Authenticity Program this winter and spring - join us!
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