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Pam Erickson

Gratitude for visiting our site - we hope to meet you.


I've recently completed a course

in the Power of Embodied

Transformation, and am currently

immersed in the methodology 

of Presence-Based ® Coaching.

Here, we have been invited to

make a declaration. Mine is to be

a commitment to confidently living

a life of passion and purpose.


Making a difference in the lives of

others has always been important to me. 

We're filled with so many gifts, so much talent and insight, and we often just need a container of safety in which to blossom. Working with others to help them find the best of themselves (which is already present but sometimes a little buried) - is my true calling.


I hold a Master's Degree in Education and have spent most of my life in Experiential Education. I've led corporate trainings, women's retreats, mother/daughter adventures, teacher workshops and many wilderness adventures. A satisfying professional accomplishment to date is as the Founder and Executive Director of a Science and Leadership Semester School for high school girls. A commonality I've discovered among these groups is that we're human - so we need safety, encouragement, support, a place to try and make mistakes, and we need a network of others who can help us up when we fall. 


I've also come to discover that while my brain has a lot to offer, it's easy to live a life from the neck up (most of society does) so I strive to bring authentic, mindful experiences which involve not just the head, but the heart, mind, body and spirit. I've delved deeply into Yoga, meditation, Let Your Yoga Dance, coaching, and somatics. As I add more candles to the birthday cake, I'm coming to discover that there is still so much more to know - and so I am on a journey. I haven't yet arrived, though I've learned a few things along the way, and would love to share them with you. The first step in that process is your own willingness, as there is a chasm of difference between those who want to do their work and those who don't. When you're ready, you'll know.


We welcome an opportunity to have a conversation with you, or for you to explore joining one of our circles - because you can do brave things!

"Begin doing what you want to do now. We are not living in eternity. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand and melting like a snowflake."

- Marie Beyon Ray

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Sherri Parks

Thank you for exploring Her Voice Rising, I look forward to meeting and connecting with you!

At 4 years old, I made a decision

to be a great success in life,

live the American dream of

having a better life than my

parents and rise to a high level.

I thought that by being in a

position of power I could help

change the system and structure

so that it would create more balance, success and abundance in the world. You see, I had a knowing even at that young age that there was an imbalance. I didn’t have the words, but I knew and I set out to change it. Everything from that moment forward was dedicated to reaching that dream.

I accomplished the success goals and rose to become an IT Executive and Vice President at a fortune 250 company while raising 4 boys and having a successful marriage. Along the way I learned that yes, while “the system” has old patterns and an architecture that makes it hard for women or “the other” of any kind to succeed, I also learned that my own mind, my own patterns and my own beliefs created at times a psychological ceiling. So, I became a student of human behavior, studied why we do the things we do and studied how systems & family of origins create our context. We live through what the Talmud said, "We do not see things as they are. We see them as we are." I’ve done my work. I’ve coached and mentored 100s of others in their pursuit of a successful life and career and I’ve honed my executive skills to create a highly successful career and family.

While we’ve made progress with limiting structures and imbalances, there is much progress to be made. On my career journey, I looked for a new kind of model for leadership and was lucky enough to find it a couple of times.  What I didn’t know at four is that I cut off my feminine traits (my intuition, my knowing, my truth, my creativity etc.) and looked for validation outside of myself while honing my craft in the executive world of influencing, linear thinking, resulting orientation, strategic thinking etc.

The world needs a new kind of leadership, one that combines masculine traits with feminine traits. A company, entity of any kind or individual looking for success by any measure in this world will never reach its potential by cutting off half of their brilliance. People want connection and real authenticity. This powerful combination is critical to creating winning company strategies, to all real Diversity & Inclusion efforts and to people wanting to live their best life. We will not change ourselves, our society and our companies through the same level of consciousness that created it. A new paradigm is both possible and necessary.


My passion in life is to help all people embrace their inner knowing, trust their real truth, be able to distinguish between the pattern and beliefs they’ve made to protect themselves from real inner knowing so that he/she/they can bravely lead their own life or their companies and teams to greatness.

Inner knowing and real truth will change us, the planet, our companies and will allow all to live in rich abundance. I believe in success and want it for all.


Hope to work with all of you!

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