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We help people do brave things, which is more important than ever in a world where scarcity and fear seems to win the day by dominating our conversations, our thoughts, our companies, TV & social media.  

Many of us are unconsciously ruled by our patterns, default thinking and unconscious bias. We are wired for the negative. 


"We do not see things as they are.  We see them as we are."  ~The Talmud


This leads us to taking actions or pursuing dreams that aren't made for us or limit our potential. 


Working with us creates a space, community and supportive network to remove the shackles created by those patterns so that you emerge as your best self.  


We use a number of different learning modalities designed to get out of our heads and into the body to support people in fulfilling their potential and in creating courageous, authentic leaders for corporations and in the world.


People walk away with a tool chest of skills and techniques along with a community to support lasting transformation and creation of companies and individuals living with true abundance and joy.


"In order for transformation to happen, in order for there to be success by any, stock price, marketshare...whatever the metric is, you cannot get there without brave leaders and courageous cultures."  -Brene Brown


“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is more people who have come alive.”

-Howard Thurman

Our Products and Services

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