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The Authenticity Program

When Her Voice Rising first launched in 2017, it was in the realm of working with women in a corporate setting. We shared the offering and wondered if there would be interest. We were overwhelmed with participants, and quickly added more meetings and more chairs to the circle. We discussed the possibilities. And the Authenticity Program was born!


If you’re like most of us in today’s world, you may find difficulty emerging as your shiny, most effective self. Imagine operating from your power zone consistently, with unlimited support to be who you are meant to be and to be the cause of whatever you want in your life.


Women that have gone through the Authenticity Program report that they operate at a higher level of performance, feel more self-worth, are able to have difficult, yet productive conversations, and the quality of their relationships (both personal and professional) are strengthened. They share feeling supported by women in ways they never have, and they have a newfound sense of responsibility for their future. 



In the first few years, our work was focused on supporting women to become their authentic selves - in a world where that isn't always so easy to do. As the work evolved over time, we came to realize that not only did each and every participant have within her the power to make her life unfold with ease and grace and intention and brilliance, we also came to realize that regardless of gender, the feminine rising would be of great value to the world.


And so, as Her Voice Rising enters a new decade, we are clearer and more dedicated to our mission than ever before. Inside each of us lies significant potential, much like an acorn, that just needs a bit of support to grow. When we take time to listen and feel, we are better able to hear what calls to be amplified. What is that for you? For one person, it may be grit and confidence, for another, perseverance. For yet another, it may be letting go, or embracing a softer, more flowing self. And for someone else it could be the clarity of goal setting and increased productivity. We've been put here on the planet to accomplish something, and delving into the journey to discover what that is can take courage. 


Why would a corporation want to create a customized program?


  • Are you struggling to create a high-performance culture?

  • Are you wanting to create more diverse and inclusive cultures?

  • People are the reason why corporations succeed and the winners of the 21st century are those that win the talent war. Are you tapping into that talent? We can help you through the development and delivery of a customized program.


Her Voice Rising seeks to see and assist YOU in doing brave things....

so that your work and your life can be amplified!


"The Authenticity Program is a unique, experiential workshop designed to empower women to embrace their amazing true selves. In my 30+ years at a Fortune 500 Company, this is by far the most impactful program I have ever completed.


This program provides a toolbox of skills which allowed me to recognize self-imposed limitations, how to leverage my strengths, and increase my confidence to unlock my full potential to lead a more fulfilling and successful life both personally and professionally."


                        ~Kelly, AP Participant

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